An island with unique natural beauties. It is situated in the East Aegean Sea, right across the shores of Asia Minor with a 1200 meter wide channel separating the two shores. North of Samos is the peninsula of Erythrea, northwest of it "Myrovolos" Chios, while west and southwest of the island is the island of Ikaria and the island complex of Fourni. South of Samos are located Dodecanese islands, Agathonisi, Arki and Patmos being the closest.

Samos is an island with green mountains, endless vineyards, which produce the famous Samiotiko wine, and lacy shores. A relatively big and hilly island of 475 sq. km it has two mountains, the wild and rocky Kerki of 1443m height and the verdant Ambelos or Karvouni of 1160m height. Samos ground is rather fertile due mostly to the temperate climate creating the ideal conditions for the cultivation of olive groves and vineyards. Samos' wine is renowned from ancient times for its fine taste. Even today, wine remains the main product of Samos.

Samos is an island with age-long history. According to mythology, in this Aegean island, in the banks of river Imvrassos, goddess Hera was born. Today, in this location are the remains of a temple dedicated to her. It is an imposing building, one of the biggest and most important of its era. One of the most famous philosophers and mathematicians of ancient times, Pythagoras, lived in Samos. The astronomer Aristarchos and philosopher Epikouros also came from this Aegean island.

During ancient times, Samos was an important cultural center. As it seems from the findings, in the island flourished an important civilization during the tyranny of Polykrates, around 550 BC. It was the time when Samos was the first naval Aegean force and the center of Ionic civilization. It was then that the famous temple of Hera and Efpalinio Orygma, the ancient aqueduct, were built.

Samos' tourist infrastructures satisfy all demands. Wonderful beaches. modern hotel units, luxurious rooms- to-let complexes in Vathi, Karlovasi, Kokkari, Pythagorio, as and all around the island. As for entertainment, options vary and, in combination to the culture of the island.